07-17-11 Sharing Good News

07-17-11 Watchmen

07-24-11 Amos

07-24-11 God and Israel, A Love Story

07-24-11 Micah

07-31-11 The Book of Isaiah in the Gospel of Matthew Part 1

08-07-11 The Book of Isaiah in the Gospel of Matthew Part 2

08-14-11 The Book of Isaiah in the Gospel of Matthew Part 3

07-31-11 The Wolf Will Dwell with the Lamb

08-07-11 Fervent Prayer

08-21-11 An Act of Real Faith

08-21-11 Jeremiah in the Gospel of Matthew

08-28-11 Expressions of Fellowship

08-28-11 Fellowship

09-04-11 Fellowship Examined

09-11-11 Remember

09-11-11 Righteousness Exalts a Nation

09-18-11 A Watchman

09-18-11 The Promise of the Spirit

09-18-11 The Prophecy of Tyre

09-25-11 Rebulding the Temple

09-25-11 Spiritual Rebuilding

10-02-11 God Has A Plan For You

10-09-11 How to Fix an Unlawful Marriage

10-09-11 Preparing Our Hearts For the Word of God

10-16-11 Anticipation of the Messiah

10-16-11 Church and Temple Parallels

10-16-11 What Are We Telling God?

10-23-11 God’s Emotional Reaction to Sin

10-23-11 When You Stand Praying

10-23-11 The Purpose of Miracles

10-30-11 A Christian is Not Perfect but Forgiven

10-30-11 Where Did the Devil Come From?

11-6-11 An Embarassment to Christianity

11-6-11 Let The Little Children Come to Me

11-13-11 How To Cover A Multitude of Sins

11-13-11 The Promise Law Gospel

11-20-11 Glorify God in Your Body

11-20-11 No Divisions

11-27-11 Dead to Sin

11-27-11 The Obedience of Faith

11-27-11 The Romans Road to Salvation

12-04-11 Deuteronomy 24

12-11-11 Conduct in the House of God

12-11-11 Fan the Flames

12-11-11 Maintain Good Works

12-18-11 A Great Cloud of Witnesses

12-18-11 Endurance

12-18-11 If Any Suffers As A Christian

12-25-11 Are You Ready For Jesus to Return?

12-25-11 Open for Business

12-25-11 Overcoming The World